Accounting Jobs – Top 5 Tips for Success in Accounting Jobs

Accounting jobs are your forte if you have a good knowledge of math and have always been good with numbers and figures. If you were the geeky kind who always played with numbers and played number games and Sudoku as a kid, then there is no better field for you than accounting. Accounting careers are best suited to those who have a natural proficiency in math and if you are one of the very few who do, then you should definitely consider it.

Success in accounting doesn’t come very easily, like in most careers. One has to work not only hard, but also smart in order to succeed in the world of accounting. Accountants’ salaries are no doubt quite high, but choosing a job just by the salary you are likely to get at the beginning of each month is definitely not wise.

An Accountant’s Top 5

Success in finding good accounting jobs is characterized by hard work, perseverance and drive. A calculator and a degree will not just earn you the success you covet. There are several types of accounting jobs and it is important to make an informed decision. Here are a few tips that will help you find success in accounting jobs.

• Get yourself a degree from a really reputed place. Accountant jobs will always be in demand, but unlike the scenario in the past, competition in this field has increased exponential in this day and age.

• Entry level accounting jobs are always open in some of the best companies in the UK – Barclays Capital, Edward Jones Limited, Capital One and of course, Bank of America. Keep your eyes open for plum offers.

• If you have always been good at budgeting, you can go in for the position of Corporate Treasurer in big firms. What you need to do, in this position is to maintain and enhance the finances of all the companies of the banner. It’s quite an interesting opportunity.

• You could also be an investment Analyst. All you will be required to do is do some research on various investment opportunities and hand over the results of your research to Fund Managers.

• When working in an accounting job, it is always essential to maintain written records of everything. Don’t rely on your memory too much to remember things, because there is frankly way too much to remember! Keep that pen at arm’s length.

When you apply for accounting internships to gather some experience of how your accounting job will be like, make sure to have a really good resume. This will ensure that you are picked for the internship. Always highlight your personal assets along with your professional course.

A career in accounting is something that is for people who love math and are clever with figures. Don’t opt for it until you are extremely confident of your abilities. But, if that little detail is taken care of, then finding accounting jobs and succeeding at them becomes a cakewalk!

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Roustabout Jobs – How to Get Hired As an Offshore Roustabout

Roustabout jobs are the entry-level jobs on oil rigs. On most oil rigs, you work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 2 to 3 weeks at a stretch. Working as a roustabout is back-breaking and dirty – you do everything from cleaning and painting the oil rig to mixing the drilling mud and even moving supplies and equipment around the oil rig. On the other hand, practically everyone who matters on board the oil rig starts out as a roustabout, so you have no right to complain.

For English-speaking workers, there are three main places which hire people for roustabout jobs – Canada, US and UK. Alberta in Canada is still short of people, so it is easiest to get hired there. As long as you are tough enough and show the right attitude, many companies will be willing to pay for any courses or certifications which are required.

At the moment, it is also fairly easy to get offshore roustabout jobs in the US, especially in the Gulf Coast region. In some places, it is as simple as showing up at the temp agency. As in Canada, many companies badly need workers and are willing to pay for any training and certifications required. As a rough guide, your employer will send you to get your in offshore medical certificate, offshore survival certificate and helicopter underwater escape training certificate before you even set foot on the oil rig. After that will probably be a 2 or 3 week course induction course on your duties aboard the oil rig.

UK residents have it tougher. Most employers want you to show your BOSIET offshore survival training certificate, offshore medical certificate, and what the Brits call a GreenHand course. All told, taking getting all of these could set you back 3500 pounds, depending on where you take these course, and there is no guarantee of a job. The offshore scene there is surprisingly small – you really need to know the right people. Most of the jobs are off Aberdeen, so if you live elsewhere you really do not have a chance at all. For new hires without connections, the ex-armed forces personnel find it easiest to break in. British servicemen have a kind of skills conversion course which helps them get offshore oil jobs. Frankly, UK residents who want to break into the oil industry are better off looking for jobs in Alberta or the US Gulf Coast states.

When you apply for roustabout jobs, remember to highlight work experience which involves manual work and mechanical work. If you have any survival training or something like the BOSIET or HUET certificates, highlight these as well. Remember that roustabouts do a lot of manual labor, so do NOT brag about your university degree or some other highly technical skill – the employer may reject you for being over-qualified. Some companies now want you to prove that you have completed your high school education. Regardless of who you work for, there will be frequent drug-testing, especially if any accidents happen.

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Best Part Time Jobs For College Students

College students are always on the look out for part time jobs that are not only close to campus, but also pay them well. The student job search is a process that never stops and students keep on trying to find out some of the best part time jobs available on college campuses. Are you a student and looking for a good employment options too? Read on to know what part time jobs can prove to be the best for you, in terms of closeness from campus, pay and hours too.

Computer Lab Attendant or Tech Support Jobs

One of the best campus jobs options available for students is the computer lab attendants or tech support jobs. College and universities look for students that are tech savvy and can perform IT field related work. Not only these part time jobs pay students well, but these jobs also provide with some fantastic real world experience for college students who aspire to make their career in the IT field.

College Gym Jobs

Gyms at colleges also offer good part time student job opportunities. These college gyms have a regular demand for people who can serve at the counter, give out the gym equipments and look after other related work at the college gym. If you can also take aerobics classes and provide personal training to those attend the gym, you can really have a best part time job and look forward to get a higher pay.

College Library Jobs

Most of the students overlook the job opportunities available at the college library. Students may think that part time library jobs are just about checking out and handing books. In fact library part time job responsibilities also include management of interlibrary loans, library search system data entry and other clerical tasks. However, student part time jobs at college libraries offer nice and comfortable environment.

House sitting/ Housecleaning/ Babysitting Jobs for Professors

The college campus has a number of professors who need these services for their kids and pets. While working for college professors, students do not only get well paid but they receive appreciation from professionals as well. This professional acquaintance can also result in profitable business and best job opportunities.

Dorm Desk Attendant Jobs

Though many students may not realize, the dorm desk attendant job is one of the best part-time jobs available on the college campus. This is one of those college student jobs where working hours will not be excessive. In fact things can have a pretty slower pace. Along with good pay, the job also brings students security responsibilities.

Academic Department Clerical Work

There is extensive work load in college academic departments. In order to help secretaries with the large amount of work, departments usually hire students for part-time work. Class handouts, journal articles, journal submissions, faculty meeting notes, conferences – there is a lot of work for students to handle and help department secretaries with.

There are multiple part time job opportunities available for college students. You may come across jobs that do not pay well. College students need to do some research and they can easily land some of the best parttime student jobs opportunities in college libraries, academic departments, technology, gym, dorm desk etc. In addition, students can also talk to professors about part time job opportunities to look after their kids, pets, home etc.

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How to Evaluate Candidates for Technical Writing Jobs

If you need to hire a technical writer for an upcoming project, you will likely find that you have plenty of qualified candidates to consider. There are now a variety of sources through which you can find great writers, so locating people for the job should not be a problem. The challenge, however, comes when you start to work on narrowing down that initial list. In order to pick the right person for the job, you are going to need to go into the process with a clear picture of the knowledge and experience that needs to be possessed by the winning contractor.

Focus on the Writing

It might sound obvious, but the first thing you should look for is someone who can write quality content. Believe it or not, many businesses miss on this point when hiring a technical writer. A common mistake is placing importance on experience in the specific field above the ability to write. For instance, if you are hiring a writer for an engineering-related project, it will be tempting to pick the candidate with the strongest background in that field. However, if that person isn’t a great writer, you will be wasting your time and money. You already have people with engineering knowledge in your company – you need to hire someone who can bring writing skills to the table. Content can always be edited as necessary to correct technical mistakes related to the field in question – it is much more difficult to revise the style or quality of writing as a whole.

Find Experience

For technical writers, experience provides them with the ability to ask the right questions. Asking questions is a big part of being a good writer, because those questions help point the content in the right direction. If you can hire a writer with many years of experience working for a variety of clients, they will already have the knowledge necessary to ask smart questions. Also, experience is the only way to hone the craft of writing, so someone who is just getting started in this field likely won’t be able to offer you the same quality as a long-standing professional writer.

Samples, Of Course

One of the first things you should do is review writing samples from all of your candidates. Ask each potential hire to submit two or three writing samples. Hopefully, these will be pieces that are at least someone relevant to the project that you are needing to have completed. If a writer can’t offer you at least a couple of good samples, it should raise a red flag that perhaps they are not the right person for the job.

Offer a Fair Rate

You don’t always ‘get what you pay for’ in life, but you usually do when it comes to writing. If a specific writer is offering to do the work for far less than everyone else you are considering, there is probably a reason they are willing to work for cents on the dollar. Good writers know that they are worth the money, so they stand firmly by their rates. Do a quick evaluation of the market and set a budget that will allow you to hire a quality, experienced technical writer.

Check References

Finally, it is always good hiring practice to contact at least one or two references to learn a little more about the individual in question. Did they do good work for their previous clients or employers? What kind of work did they excel with, and does their writing ability have any weaknesses? Asking a couple of pointed questions should get you all of the information that you need to make a great decision.

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Copywriter Jobs

If you have experienced too many bounces coming out from user’s visits in your website, something must be wrong with your contents. The usual thing that probably is happening is that users have found no relevance in your website with what they are looking for. Your website’s contents need to be redone, rewritten, or completely replaced. This is done by a good copywriter and you can find them in the internet because this is the place where many copywriter jobs can be found. A good copywriter will create contents based on your intended customer’s needs using SEO strategies, and this will be good for your web marketing efforts.

Keep Your Visitors by Having Contents With Good Copies

Keeping your visitors to stick on your site will depend on how they find your contents. The keywords used here will be the core word in the search engine optimization strategies to be used. These words are the keys that will define your probable success on the web. Having many visitors clicking on your site will be good but if these visitors will also click back right away, of what good will be your contents? The SEO strategies will place your site on the top search pages of the search engines while the quality of your contents will be what visitors will need. Get quality writers from the net where many copywriter jobs are posted, and you will have quality contents created.

Outstanding Marketing Campaigns Starting From Good Website Content Copies

When you have an online marketing campaign, you need to have contents that can sell so you need to start your campaign here. Successful online marketing campaigns usually starts with quality contents created, a website well designed to attract viewers, strategies to keep visitors glued to your site, and the quality products you have. However, no matter how good your products are but you will not be able to get visitors glued to your website, you will lose on your efforts because visitors will just go away. Your contents will do the job and you need to search the internet for copywriter jobs and find the quality copywriters you need.

The Use of Technology in Creating Quality Content Copies

Technology these days has aided content creation, where a person can write contents in an instant, when he sees an important topic to write and just pull out his laptop to write these interesting topics. For the web marketers, it has also given them the wide options of acquiring SEO tools that can help them with their marketing efforts. These tools will help marketers improve on their contents; refine these if something is not right. These tools can also help the content writers you get from the copywriter jobs in the internet.

If you are new in online marketing you may just decide to write contents yourself. However, this will only be good if you are the quality content writer you are, which might not be the case. Getting the quality and skillful writer from copywriter jobs on the internet will give you the quality content writer that your online business need.

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Young Jobs for the Holiday’s

If you are job seeker looking for a holiday season job, it’s not too late. Although, employers started to hire for holiday jobs in the beginning of September, you still have time to find a fun and enjoyable job. Companies like GAP, Pottery Barn, and Macy’s are aggressively seeking out part-time holiday job seekers.

These companies have the understanding that job seekers applying for these positions are temporary. A word of advice to Job Seekers out there, don’t be timid about applying for jobs you may not feel qualified for. A holiday job is a temporary job, and you are not only helping the companies fill much needed positions, but you may enhance your knowledge of the retail and corporate working world. If you are in high school, this is the perfect time to enrich your resume. Colleges love to see that you keep yourself busy during the summer and winter season. If you show self motivation and the want to work, that may be the leverage you need to get into the college of your choice.

So…job seekers, make sure to print out your resume and get started, the time to apply for a holiday job is now. As a bonus, some job seekers may even find jobs offering employee discounts. Not only can you make money this winter, you can save some money on gifts as well.

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Optional Practical Training For Occupational Therapist Jobs

Optional practical training for occupational therapist jobs offer therapy students an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained through classroom studies in real situations, generally in an outside environment. The candidates can therefore obtain more practical experience, which in turn gives them the confidence to work efficiently in well-known medical care facilities.

Students with F-1 Status Can Obtain OPT Jobs

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is an authorization granted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), for those students having F-1 status. This consent helps the candidates obtain provisional employment based on their academic discipline so that they can be benefited by a solid foundation for framing their future career.

For utilizing this excellent job opportunity, candidates must have enrolled with USCIS recognized schools at least for a period of nine continuous months. They must also possess F1-status at the time of applying. Students satisfying all these criteria can undergo the training in the following instances:

• After the completion of the course requirements for degree (before the submission of your thesis or dissertation)

• After obtaining the degree

• As part-time, while school is in session

• On part-time or full-time basis during annual vacation and at other times

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has now extended the duration of optional practical training from 12 to 29 months, which can be utilized by candidates maintaining the F-1 immigration status. The new rules will help the students to utilize OPT for a longer time without worrying about their graduation dates, and they can also concentrate more on their job search.

Approach an Experienced Staffing Service Provider

By utilizing the services of experienced healthcare staffing service providers, you can find suitable optional practical training opportunities for occupational therapist jobs in top-class healthcare settings throughout the United States. When you register with these companies, the staffing professionals will provide you with expert assistance to secure permanent or temporary placements with attractive emoluments and benefits.

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Knowing More About The Growth And Stability Of Retail Jobs

Today, the fashion retail industry is growing and proving to be a very stable business sector. One of the benefits of pursuing a career in retail fashion is the breadth and diversity of available opportunities. For example, if you are good at dealing with people, there are plenty of fashion jobs that you can try pursuing. There are plenty of positions available in this industry ranging from marketing positions to merchandising and management.

If your inclinations lie in designing, there are plenty of fashion design jobs you can try as well. Other opportunities include those related to buying, marketing, finance, and supply change. Indeed, retail is a growth sector these days. Unlike other industries which are confined to a particular location, retail shops are strategically located in various places in the area.

Even with the increased prominence of online shopping, retail continues to grow, keeping pace with the demand of consumers and tourists. The retail sector is one of the sturdiest and more robust sectors. In fact, during the economic crisis, many retailers increased their workforce.

In terms of stability, very few industries can match the retail sector. When you talk of scope and variety, very few industries can match fashion retail. Whatever your level of experience may be, you are assured of finding a position that matches your interest, skill, and experience.

You can certainly find work in areas like marketing, finance, human resources, buying, and visual merchandising.

Retail also has a low barrier of entry, with many companies willing to take employees with limited experience for some positions. On top of that, it is fairly common in the industry to see people work their way to the top. Retail employees also enjoy a few perks that can leave employees in other sectors green with envy. These include big discounts on store merchandise.

The great thing about this industry is that many retailers provide employees with training programs as well as a fast career progression. Although many retailers accept graduates from different backgrounds, you will have a better chance of landing a retail job if your educational background is related to business, management or economics. It also helps if you are highly skilled in relationship management and customer service. This can be your edge to land the job you want.

For those who want a long-term job in retail, they should take the time to determine the specific role or career direction that they want to pursue. It is also a good idea to brush up on their knowledge of the business side. Indeed, retail jobs are growing and are still proving to be stable as ever.

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High-Paying Freelance Writer Jobs in Demand Right Now

There are many types of freelance writer jobs – technical, medical, legal, etc. As niche writing is the way to go if you want to be a freelance writer, one of the hottest niches around right now is internet marketing. Within this niche, you'll find several sub-niches that offer high-paying freelance writing gigs, and a lot less competition. Following are three.

3 Hot Freelance Writer Job Niches in Internet Marketing

All of the following writer jobs have one thing in common – the copy is written to attract a specific group of prospects.

SEO Writer Jobs: These are commonly referred to as keyword-rich articles and SEO copy. The reason is, the copy tends to be written around a specific keyword phrase. For example, if your client sold ethnic art like mudcloth wall hangings, African pottery and African paintings, some of the keyword phrases you would use in the article are "ethnic art," "African art" and "ethnic pottery."

All you'd do is write a 350-500 word article (the length of most keyword-rich articles) for your client's website, newsletter, blog, etc.

These type of writer jobs require skill to make the article interesting, yet at the same time weave the keyword phrase throughout so that search engines find the client's site on the web. A skilled SEO copywriter does this type of work, typically earning from a low of $ 15 on up to $ 200 or more per article.

Most SEO writer jobs like this pay in the $ 25- $ 50 range for a 350-500 word article.

Pay Per Click Ads: Pay-per-click ads are those ads in the bar on the right side of the page you see when you conduct a search on Google, for example.

Companies pay freelance writers skilled in composing these little ads a mint for their services. For really, the less copy used, the more skilled a writer has to be. And, this is why this type of writing job demands a high rate. Furthermore, learning to write these ads requires knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), as well as the ins and outs of internet marketing overall.

Landing Pages: A landing page is the page a person "lands" on when they click a pay-per-click ad, for example.

Landing pages can be long or short. If you've ever landed on a page that was like a really long sales letter, then you're familiar with a landing page. Most are written like this to mirror a TV infomercial. The reason this style is so popular is that it works. But, there are many elements to it, which is why it requires a skilled writer intimately familiar with internet and online marketing.

Despite the fact that these freelance writer jobs are specialized, all of them can be learned quite easily. Many freelance writing professionals simply don't take the time to learn. But if you do, you will land clients quicker – and be able to charge a premium for your specialized knowledge.

And the best part of these writer jobs? They make perfect work from home jobs.

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Six Ideal Day Jobs For Creative Writers

Creative writing might be your passion, but it’s not always easy to make a career out of it. You have to be able to find paying markets for the stories, poems, and novels you write; and you have to be as talented at marketing as you are at writing to succeed. In addition, it can take you years of unpaid labor before you start to see profits from your writing-if you ever do. If you want to be a creative writer, you’ll need a day job to pay the bills.

It’s not easy to pursue your dreams while working full-time. The trick is to choose a day job that feeds your writing habit, rather than leaving you drained of energy and uninspired. The right day job for you is a very personal choice-it may not be the same as the right job for someone else. Even so, here are six jobs that are generally considered to be good for creative writers.

Professional copywriter. Copywriters write the ads that appear in print, television, radio, and online. Copywriters can work in-house for ad agencies or marketing departments, or they can work on their own as freelancers. If you feel you need to use your writing skills in your day job, copywriting can be a great career for you-and as a freelancer, you’ll have a lot of control over your own schedule. Some creative writers don’t enjoy writing sales-oriented materials, however-and some feel burned out on writing when they have to write during their day jobs.

Creative writing professor. Creative writing professors sharpen the skills of young writers. This job can be great for a writer who loves to talk about, critique, and lead writing groups. It’s also a job in a field that values literary merit over profit, which is an attitude that fits better with some writers than a more profit-oriented copywriting environment. However, these jobs can be difficult to get-and you’ll need to earn an MFA to qualify.

Ghostwriter. Ghostwriters write books and articles for clients. Ghostwriters get up-front fees and sometimes royalties for their project, but the clients get the credit. Ghostwriting can be lucrative, and if you freelance you’ll get control over your own schedule. However, it can be frustrating for some writers to allow clients to get credit for their work.

Editor. Editors edit books, magazine and newspaper articles, and other documents in preparation for print or online publication. Editors work directly with writers to make their writing more effective, and they may collaborate on design and layout as well. Magazine and newspaper editors often choose which stories to commission and see their ideas written by others. Editors may work freelance or for a publishing company, newspaper, or magazine.

Journalist. Journalists write for print publications. They have to interview sources, dig up leads, and write articles. Journalism is a demanding job with long hours, and it may be difficult for some writers to work on their own pursuits outside of work. It can be an ideal job, however, for writers who thrive on excitement and are talented interviewers. People with a passion for social justice often find themselves going into journalism.

Librarian. Librarians get to be around books all day. They recommend books for their patrons, help patrons with research, and often decide which books the library orders. If you love books you may love being a librarian. However, it isn’t a very lucrative field; you may need to get a Master’s in Library Science for a better-paying career.

It’s not easy to make a living as a writer. But choosing the right day job can help you make a living and make time for your own writing as well. Talk to people in the career you’re considering and do some research on your own, and you should be able to choose a career that will support your creative writing.

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