Teaching Jobs

Education is a fundamental of any industrialized nation, and so it is natural that qualified teachers remain in demand throughout the world. In the U.S., there were over 3.8 million teaching jobs for 2004 including preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and secondary school teachers. If you are seeking a career that will see good growth and with high employment availability, then becoming qualified for teaching jobs may be a proper career choice for you.

If you find pleasure helping people learn, then becoming qualified for teaching jobs may be in your best interest. Teaching jobs are found in a number of environments, each of which has different requirements for working in those particular teaching jobs. In some cases, you may have to obtain a two to four year degree and pass a certification exam, and in other cases your job experience may qualify you for certain teaching jobs. There is no federal requirements for teaching jobs that occur in schools, so often requirements for teaching jobs in schools are dictated by local or state laws.

If you are considering teaching jobs in schools, it is likely that your state requires that you obtain a four-year degree and pass a certification or licensing examination. Teaching jobs in early childhood education, though, will sometimes only require a two year degree with certification. If you do not want to take a certification exam to obtain licensure, some school districts will allow you to become substitute teacher with only a baccalaureate degree. There is also the option in some areas that have difficulty finding qualified individuals to fill teaching jobs, where you can obtain a teaching job in an area of expertise as long as you have a degree in that area. If you are considering teaching jobs in schools, you may also need to understand that you will be subject to a background check.

If you are not necessarily interested in traditional teaching jobs in schools, there are other kinds of teaching jobs available to you. You can work in areas of training, tutoring, adult education, and more, which are teaching jobs in non-traditional settings. However, the greatest area of growth in teaching jobs will continue to be in schools.

As student enrollment in schools slowly increases, older teachers will be moving out of their positions at the same rate, so growth in teaching jobs is expected to be fairly steady over the next 10 years. The teachers who are able to be mobile will have the best chance of finding teaching jobs. Vocational teaching jobs are also expected to grow in the coming years, as schools are now offering many specialized programs to their students.

If you are interested in teaching jobs in school administration or policy development, you will need to prepare by getting a master’s degree. Getting the advanced degree, though, is usually made simpler through teaching jobs that offer tuition reimbursement as a benefit alongside health insurance and pensions.

Read the rest of the article here: Teaching Jobs.

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Career Change At 50 – 7 Online Writing Jobs

Unplug From The Rat Race

7 Writing Jobs Online

Maybe you’re like so many, ready to retire but can’t afford to stop working just yet. Why not focus on changing your career instead and joining the increasing number of retired and semi-retired people who are earning their income or the majority of it online.

There are so many awesome and talented seniors that can be productive and contribute from the comforts of their home, even starting businesses and selling products on Amazon, eBay, and taking advantage of many other internet opportunities. Many have been finding the answer to their situations by pulling themselves out from the 9-5 rat race, and the daily traffic grind, to set up at home with all of the conveniences and comforts. These wise ones are looking for an alternative way to earn a living without the rigors of daily grooming, the workplace settings, health concerns, car repairs and more. Well, rest assured that there are many online opportunities that are waiting just for you.

Below is a list of 7 opportunities for those that enjoy writing:

1. Content Writing

There are so many website businesses on the internet and in order for them to get and maintain their search engine rankings, they need to post quality articles, short and long, on a daily or weekly regular basis. Many of these site owners hire writers that can deliver quality articles relevant to their businesses, and there are millions of these site owners. Do you know about search engine optimization to target specific viewers?

You can attract lots of traffic to your site but if they’re looking for Bald Eagles or The Eagles band and your website is on the Philadelphia Eagles, you won’t be getting the desired results. Many will come to see what the site is about and then immediately click away to find what they’re really looking for. There is a way that you can modify your web pages and posts to fit a certain like-minded group of individuals so that a percentage of the approximate 2+ billion internet users land on the right site that has the answers to their search entry.

2. TextBroker

The textbroker author produces unique quality content that captures the reader’s attention and increases your search engine ranking. TextBroker.com has many writing assignments and you can choose something that you can research and write about. They will also hire someone without prior experience and your article quality will determine your pay rate. They have a lot of writing jobs to choose from so it’s possible for you to work as much or as little as desired.

3. ContentJack.com

Offers bulk content service to several Web, Media, SEO, and Social Media, they offer unique quality content, customized to their client’s keywords or topics chosen. They hire writers to produce short informative articles for their client’s websites. There is always a quick research required in order to write the articles and the topics can vary within their niche.

4. Blogmutt

Blogmutt.com offers high-quality white label blog content for marketing agencies and businesses within the US and in 15 other nations globally. They hire freelance writers to produce quality original content for their customer’s websites. Their clients are usually blog owners or web businesses that need to produce content weekly or even daily and simply don’t have the time to produce it themselves. Your pay will depend on how many produced and accepted posts that you can write, and good writing will always earn you more money. Blogmutt pays out every week via PayPal and there is no minimum payout requirement.

5. Upwork

A great place to find new clients and to run and grow your own freelance business. You can run your own business and choose your own clients and projects. Fill out a profile and Upwork will highlight ideal jobs for you. You can also research projects and respond to client invitations. With Upwork.com you have the freedom and flexibility to control when, where and how you work. Each project includes its own workspace which is shared by you and your client. This enables you to send and receive files, share feedback in real-time( text, chat or video ), and you can also use their mobile app. This is also great for someone making a career change at 50.

There are many others, however, choose wisely and compare your options and get the most that you can for your skills, time, and effort. There is also a number of editing jobs online if that’s what you prefer to do. Making a career change at 50 is so much easier with all of the available online opportunities.

6. Editfast

A Canadian based online editing service mainly meant for professional editors, proof-readers, writers and more. Editfast caters to the requirement for all of your painting needs. They hire writers and editors for a variety of jobs and among these are plenty of editing jobs available. When new projects are received from their clients they entrust the job to the most qualified editor, taking in full view the needs of the client and the requirements of the document. Editfast pays out via Paypal on the last day of each month.

7. Contena

A complete system for launching your own freelance writing business. They’ll show you what works and what doesn’t from day one with Contena Academy. They’ll give you all the tools that you need to find the best writing gigs. They don’t hire writers or editors but they find the jobs for you when you join the site. You can find jobs for writers, editors, and proof-readers of all skill levels. The pay will depend on the client you work for and the services that were ordered.

These are only a few of the online writing opportunities and there are many more that you can take part of. Every day growing numbers of people are choosing a career change at 50 and any age. Actually, there are enough people in their 50’s choosing to work online that websites like the American Association of Retired Persons have work from home positions and articles listed on their website. Just because you need to earn an income does not mean that you have to get caught up in the rat race anymore, or even have to leave your home.

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Discovering the Hidden Opportunities of the Unpublished Job Market

In order to better understand the unpublished job market, let’s take a minute to review first the more traditional published job market in order to better understand the difference between both.

The published job marketplace is where we usually go for available published opportunities, you know, the newspapers ads, Job Banks, Staffing or recruiting agencies postings and Job Fairs.

But did you know that the published jobs only represent about 30% of all available jobs at any given time? Some experts in the field even claims that this job marketplace represents only about 10% of all available jobs.

So the logical question is, where are the rest of the available jobs?

The Unpublished Job Market

The unpublished job market, also known as the hidden jobs market, is where job openings are filled without being advertised, or at least, not in the way we are used to as will see in a moment.

The unpublished job marketplace represents about 70% of available jobs at any given time. But there’s more; 85% of the six-figure salary positions are filled via this unpublished jobs market. That means that the executive job listing we see in high end publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s or The Financial Times, to name a few, only represents around 15% of the six-figure salary positions available.

Then the question is why this hidden market exists in the first place?

Why there is not just one place we can go and find all available jobs in the market?

To help ourselves answer these questions, let’s take a quick look at the mechanics of both employment markets.

How the Published Job Market Works

In the case of the more traditional job marketplace, we perform our search on the available job listings to determine what positions we want to pursuit. Then we send our resume to either, the employer, placement agency or headhunter, depending on who post the listing.

Once your resume is received, the recruitment team does the initial screening of the received resumes. The surviving resumes are then sent to the hiring manager to review and the actual interview process begins.

First, HR or the hiring agency do a first round of interviews to see if the candidate fits into the corporate culture and to validate the resume information. Then the hiring manager interviews the screened candidates to select the most suitable one. Once the interviews are performed and the best candidate selected, the job offer process begins.

If the hiring company is performing the process, the HR team will present the offer the HR team will present the offer. In the case of a head hunter, it will serve kind of an intermediary between the hiring company and the candidate, making sure the candidate receives a good offers as its commission if usually a percentage of the final salary.

How the Unpublished Job Market Works

In the case of the hidden jobs marketplace, the process is kind of more streamlined and or even more discrete.

The job fulfillment process on this market is more company driven, sometimes using external resources, but in rather a different way than in the traditional job market. On this market, job referrals are more common as companies looking for good candidates ask business partners, suppliers, contacts in other companies or even their own employees for referrals.

Some companies even have employee referral programs; after all, who better than the employee to know if the referred candidate fits the corporate culture as he or she lives it every day. In one Fortune 500 company I used to work for, the employee referral program actually paid a cash incentive for every referred candidate that got employed and completed their first three months on the job.

When you compare how both markets works, you might be thinking that the unpublished job market is not as easy or convenient as responding to published jobs ads. But when you look at the number of possibilities available, definitively the hidden job market is something that you should consider as part of your overall job hunting strategy.

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How to Get Home-Based Transcription Jobs

Whether you’re looking for ways to be able to quit your job, or are looking for a career change, or for ways to increase your household income, transcription work might be the solution.

Transcription offers both work-from-home options as well as employment opportunities. More and more people are discovering how easy it is to earn extra income from home-based transcription work. Transcription work is a good way to earn extra money from home and after building your speed, you can make some very good money. Many people have supported themselves and even raised their kids from transcription work. What’s even better is that you don’t need a large amount of money to get started working as a transcriptionist. All you need is the right attitude and the right skills to become a successful work from home transcriptionist.

Whether you get into medical, legal, or general transcription at home, you need to have good listening skills, a good command of the English language, and accurate typing skills.

The most popular transcription jobs are medical transcription and legal transcription. Both medical and legal transcription will require you to have medical or legal training and knowledge of specialized terminology.

Before you can start getting medical or legal transcription jobs from home, you have to get the required qualifications and that will take months of training.

General transcription work is a great alternative. General transcription does not require getting specialized training. If you can pass a transcription test and prove that you can do the job, you can start getting jobs almost immediately.

Your first jobs won’t pay as much. But as you’re building your speed and your reputation as an accurate and reliable transcription, you can look ahead to some lucrative income as a transcriptionist.

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The Top Five Benefits of Contract Jobs

In this day and age, job changes are not only frequent, but they are also the norm. In some industries, layoffs are predictable. Gone are the days where you could start a career with one company and work until retirement. In order to bridge the gaps in your employment, you may choose to work at contract jobs. Here are five good reasons you should try this route.

Building Work Experience

One of the best things about contract jobs is the experience you gain. For the new graduate, it allows you to gain on the job knowledge that many businesses look for in their permanent employees. Those who have been in the industry for a while can help you build new skills and a varied resume. This shows human resource managers that you are adaptive, proactive, and flexible. You also gain the added benefit of getting a better feel for what type of organization or work you do best.

New Connections

During your tenure at a temporary position, you will meet and interact with new people. This helps you to build a professional network, which helps you to stay current in your chosen field. You can also gain advice from trusted sources that helps to improve your skills and lead to additional opportunities.

Trying the Job Out

Contract jobs often last weeks, months, or sometimes longer. This extended length of time working for a company gives you time to decide if the position is the right fit for you. It also allows hiring managers to evaluate your abilities. In the event that a full-time position opens up, if your managers think you are a good fit with the company, you are in a good position to land the job. You and your employer are familiar with one another and you know the job. In some cases, if you are working well, the employer may create a full-time position for you.

Filling the Gaps

Working in a temporary position is no reason to be ashamed. It is a verifiable addition to your employment history. Some managers consider a long-term temporary assignment equivalent to that of a full-time position. By using contract jobs to fill the holes when you have been laid off through no fault of your own, you can avoid being passed over for an interview. Human resource managers know that layoffs are commonplace, however, having a large gap in your employment history can still raise a red flag to potential employers.

Gaining Advice from Staffing Agencies

When you work with a staffing agency, you gain access to several job opportunities. The managers at the agency can point you in the direction of industries they think you will do well in based on your interests and experience. However, getting good gigs is not the only thing you can glean from your time with an agency. In fact, you can get some great career advice during your tenure. They can help you refine your skills and show you additional opportunities for professional development.

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Duties Involved In LPN Jobs

LPNs are licensed practical nurses, also known as licensed vocational nurses. Within any medical institution, the LPNs are the nurses who provide the greatest amount of direct healthcare to the patients. As such, their role is very important. They are the ones who cater to the daily needs of the patients as long as they are undergoing treatment and communicate the same with their superiors, who could be registered nurses or the doctors. Hence, the licensed practical nurses are the ones whom the patients are in communication with most of the time.

LPN jobs demand a lot of duties, given that these jobs are the most direct in healthcare organizations. The following is a list of some of the duties that licensed practical nurses have to dispense:-

-LPNs have to take the vital signs of the patients, which enable doctors to make their diagnoses. If the patient has to undergo any preliminary diagnostic tests, then the LPNs have to prepare them for the test, take their samples, send the samples to the relevant labs and then get the reports for the doctors to scrutinize.

-In case of minor wounds and injuries, LPNs have to perform the first aid tasks such as cleaning the wounds, applying dressings and bandages, etc. They have to assist doctors in providing sutures.

-It is the LPN’s job to administer injections to the patients in most cases.

-LPNs have to keep a watchful eye on patients who are in serious conditions. They have to be vigilant about patients receiving blood, glucose or saline drips. They have to carefully monitor patients on catheters and oxygen supplies.

-In patients who are admitted to the healthcare facility, it is the LPN’s duty to check that everything is going alright. They are responsible for the food and water supplies of the patients. They must take care of patient hygiene, and can instruct the helping staff in the healthcare facility to accompany the patient to the toilet, get a change of clothes, etc.

-LPNs are qualified to provide therapeutic massages to patients. If the case arises, such as if the patient gets a pulled muscle due to lying on the hospital bed for a long time, then the LPN can administer a massage to set things right.

-LPNs have to prepare patients who are to undergo surgeries. They have to get them changed into attire fit for the surgery and take care of their food and water restrictions during the period. After the surgery, they have to monitor the patient during the recuperation stage and constantly keep a watch till the patient is fit to be discharged.

Hence, the LPN jobs include complete patient care and monitoring, and at the same time coordinating with the superiors. The job responsibilities are immense, but they are very good training grounds for licensed practical nurses, who are learning to be registered nurses in the future.

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"Green" Jobs Offer a Promising Outlook in New York State

Whether you are trying to give career advice to upcoming graduates deciding on a career direction or advising a professional who is recently unemployed, Green jobs or sustainable energy careers are a promising path to take.

New York State is participating in a National Governor's Association Policy Academy on State Sector Strategies to collaborate with state leaders in an attempt to advance sector strategies and workforce development. Green jobs and renewable resources were listed as one of the three priority sectors which will be addressed-the other two being healthcare and advanced manufacturing. Their goal is to create employment opportunities for low-wage and high-wage sectors in these areas.

To achieve these goals, the NYS Department of Labor, in collaboration with the New York State Education Department, State University of New York and City University of New York, is immediately undertaking an inventory of existing workforce training programs and implementing recommendations to achieve the State's clean energy goals. The priority clean energy sectors to be focused on are Solar Energy, which consists of Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal; Wind Energy for both on-shore and off-shore applications; and Renewable Fuels, which includes both bio fuels and improved energy efficiency (weatherization).

In addition to the major job boards, some web sites that are becoming popular in searching for "green" careers are idealist.org, justmeans.com, stopdodo.com, greencareers.com (an offshoot of Monster.com), greendreamjobs.com and greenbiz.com.

The main thing to do when pursuing a "green job" is to first determine what area of ​​this broad category would be of most interest to you – such as Ecotourism, green building architecture, waste management, sustainable energy, or green sustainable agriculture. Then focus in on the companies in your geographic area that are in a growth mode. By networking with different "green" industries, you will eventually find one that matches your talents. You will then be able to start a career in an industry you can feel great about. Hopefully, with continuing support from New York State, your career will be able to grow apace with the phenomenal growth projected for this vital, new business sector.

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3 In-Demand Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

Many people are aspiring to find virtual assistant jobs from home. Looking for jobs online is quite a stressful moment for every aspiring applicant, and some don’t even have an idea of what job to choose. There are lots of factors that affect a person’s decision in picking for a job to apply on, some of these are: if the skills and traits they possess are fit for the job, hourly and monthly salary rates, and the difficulty of the jobs that clients mostly give. Here are three jobs that clients need a virtual assistant to do.

1. Graphics Designing – Clients need virtual assistants that can make graphic designs. Visual planners make visual ideas, utilizing PC programming or by hand, to impart thoughts that rouse, illuminate, and spellbind shoppers. They build up the general format and generation outline for different applications, for example, notices, leaflets, magazines, and corporate reports. As a graphic designer, you should have your client’s vision realized. An honest to goodness readiness to comprehend and feel for the design client’s wants and difficulties go far. It’s tied in with satisfying their brief in a way that is proper to their brand – not kneading your design sensibilities. Standard pay rates for graphic designers is 2-5$ per design or an hourly rate of 8-12$ per hour.

According to Anthony Wood (2015), there are ten essential traits a graphic designer must have and these are communication, curiosity, passion and drive, openness, ability to take criticism, problem solving, self-doubt, patience, reliability, and evolution.

2. Social media manager – online businesses need a VA to manage advertisements and customers inquiries on social media sites. Numerous companies have seen the magnificent esteem and advantage in social media marketing. You’ve perceived how Social media drives quality movement, leads, and deals and lifts your online notoriety. The social media manager is an exceptionally energetic, imaginative individual with encounter and enthusiasm for associating with present and future customers. That energy comes through as he/she connects with customers daily, with a definitive objective of transforming fans into customers. Full-time Social media managers usually receive a rate of 250-600$ per month (5 skills a social media manager must have, click on this link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2015/06/08/5-skills-your-social-media-manager-must-have/#73655f7cac56).

3. Content writer – Website content writing goes for importance and pursuit capacity. Importance implies that the site content ought to be valuable and useful to web users. Pursuit capacity shows the utilization of catchphrases to help web indexes guide web users to sites that meet their inquiry criteria. Composing on the web is unique compared to creating and developing substance for printed materials. Web users tend to filter message as opposed to understanding it nearly, skipping what they see to be pointless data and chasing for what they view as generally important. Content writers are online workers that specialize in written content. Standard pay rates for content writers extends from 300$ up to 500$ a month or an hourly rate of 3$ to 15$.

According to https://www.scripted.com/content-marketing/what-is-a-content-writer, there are six skills a content writer must have, and these are:

· Having a solid grammar and style

· Excellent researching ability

· Can write quickly and keep up with deadlines.

· Must write in a variety of tones, on a variety of subjects, within a variety of structures.

· Having a strong knowledge of the field to write

· Creative ability to build up content ideas

As an online worker, always remember that there is a wide variety of online jobs and services a virtual assistant can offer. If you are still starting in this kind of work, don’t think much of the salary but think of every job you receive as your training ground to be a better and well-rounded VA.

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6 Tips to Use Job Boards For a Nursing Job Search

Are you looking for a nursing job? Given below are some tips to use this method to look for the jobs that you desire.

Search Aggregators

Before job aggregators, job boards had got a lot of problems. And one of the problems was that you could end up in a rabbit hole looking for different jobs on different sites. Nowadays, you can get everything in one place.

For instance, you can look for jobs indexed on Monster, HealthECareers, CareerBuilder, and HealthJobsNationwide, just to name a few. These platforms will save you plenty of time over the long haul.

Register on The Job Boards

Nowadays, the majority of job boards let you upload resumes. So, we suggest that you sign up on these job boards. The jobs may be duplicated, but your efforts won’t be duplicated.

Actually, job boards offer recruitment services through back-end apps. With their recruitment subscriptions, recruiters can look into their databases for potential candidates. Moreover, some apps provide sophisticated tools that assist recruiters in screening potential candidates.

Create a Job Search Email Address

You may get tons of spam emails when you sign up with different career services of job boards. Aside from this, your contact details may get sold again and again. In case of job boards, the moderators of job boards won’t even let their customers access your information on the site. So, we suggest that you create a Gmail account in order to prevent unwanted emails from falling into your inbox.

Create a Job Search Telephone Number

Once you have created a Gmail account, you will be able to create a Google Voice account for free of charge. This service allows you to choose a phone number so you can forward the calls to your number. If you are unavailable, the caller will be able to leave their message on our phone. Moreover, Google Voice can transcribe your message into text. If you set up your phone number, you won’t receive unwanted calls or messages.

Check Craigslist

While Craigslist is old, many jobs still get posted on this site. As a matter of fact, this site offers cheaper rates compared to other job boards. Moreover, the site gets tons of traffic. This is the reason it has become a great means of job search for job seekers.

Check out the American Hospital Directory

This service contains lots of data and statistics on more than 6000 hospitals across the globe. Actually, they collect information from lots of private and public sources. Moreover, they charge their clients and the clients may include medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies for getting access to their content.

As a matter of fact, their service is ideal for nurses that are looking for nursing jobs in local hospitals.

So, If you have been looking for a nursing job, we suggest that you check out the job boards given above. They will help you look for your desired jobs in the area.

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Ways to Maintain Safety of Hearing in Construction Jobs

Noise pollution is one of the commonest pollution nowadays. Exposure to loud noise is hazardous to health. Prolonged exposure to noise emitting sources can even lead to permanent deprivation of auditory functions. Loud noise also disturbs the mental well-being of a person, thereby debilitating the normal functioning of his brain.

Industries are one of the major sources of noise production. The large machineries used at construction sites, mines and other such emit sounds above the safety standards. Chronic exposure to loud noise in the workplace immensely harms the health of the workers. This renders them unable to do their work properly. Therefore measures should be taken to ensure safety to them. Here are some of the measures you need to take in order to prevent hearing loss among workers in construction jobs:

Monitor their daily exposure to noise

The noise production in your factory or construction site should be monitored time to time. On an average, no employee should get an exposure to noise greater than 85 decibels for more than 8 hours. On the other hand, your workplace should not produce any noise greater than 130 decibel. To monitor this, you can install a noise control display.

Perform audiometric assessment

Best tradesman jobs always recommend that the effect of loud noise on the auditory function of the workers should be assessed on regular intervals. You can contact a doctor for such and examination. This will help you understand whether the noise at the workplace is affecting their health and will also help you to make necessary amendments.

Conduct deafness prevention sessions

You can consult an expert for conducting a deafness prevention programme. You can look into every aspect of noise production and recognise the particular places that need to be dealt with.

Apply advanced engineering techniques

This is very effective in controlling excessive noise. This includes a thorough survey of all your equipment at work by an engineer. You can take his aid to re-design excessive noise producing machineries following newer and advanced techniques to cut down the noise. If this idea is not that apt, consider installing newer devices for better results.

Provide the workers with proper noise protection

You should make it mandatory for the workers in high risk zone (greater than 85 decibels) to use ear plugs while working. This will decrease the noise entering into their ears. You can also encourage the use of background noise cancelling devices for enhancing communication among them.

Enclose noise producing devices in sound-proof spaces

If you do not have provisions for any of the above means, consider enclosing the major noise producing devices in sound proof rooms. This will at least not let the sound leak out and can help to diminish the extent of pollution.

Motivate and convince the employees

You can conduct training for all your employees about the hazards of getting exposed to louder noise. You can teach them proper usage of ear plugs and also the significance of using advanced and less sound producing technologies when it comes to health and safety.

Loud noise in workplace brings both physical and psychological stress to the workers. This brings down their productivity thereby making tradesman jobs even tougher. So make sure to provide a noise free ambience to the workers which will definitely make them concentrate and communicate more effectively.

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