Break Down an Audio Interview Into Segments

How can you break down your audio into segments that can be used as an audio?  I have on my audio clips a page, like once you’re into my site where I have all the listings of all the audios. I have this 45 minute audio recording which is nothing but clips from all my interviews. I learned this when I would edit my own interviews so I would listen to the interview and if I’m listening to something I’m say or if I’m listening to something the expert is saying and he says it with passion and emotion and your ears perk up. Like if you are sitting in a restaurant and you’re listening to back chatter and you hear someone say something that captures your attention and you kind of pay attention a little closer.

There are points in an interview where something really powerful will be said and you can look for those points in an interview and edit them out and use that in a promotion. So all my interviews a lot of them start with a commercial like that, just like in a movie that key high point of the interview and then I have a little music right after, like the signature music. That is just the way I’ve done it ever since the beginning and I think it’s good and kind of adds excitement at the very beginning of the interview and that’s how you do it. Just listen for something.

Just like when you are looking for a headline for a sales letter and let’s say you’re listening to an audio interview for stuff that you’re going to use for the content of your sales letter. Your prospect will write the headline for you many times. So that headline is similar to a promotional piece that you could use to promote the interview.

You can break it up and have 5 or 10 of those pieces all through the interview and string them all together. That is how you do it.

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Audio CD Copiers

Special copiers are available for duplicating audio CD and can copy multiple CDs from a single original or master CD. The master CD is copied onto several unwritten blank CDs. Audio CD copiers need software to copy or burn the CD, and depending on the program, a number of CDs can be burned at the same time.

Software programs also enable file conversions. Audio files have extensions such as Mp3, wav, ogg and audio CD. There are software programs, which can perform required file conversions. Audio files can be encoded into Mp3, which occupy less space and can be copied faster. Later these can be decoded into audio formats to be played on players such as Windows Media Player, WinAmp, Real Player, etc.

Audio CD copiers use burning technology. CDs are coated with a dye. A laser head in the copier selectively burns this dye. This copies the audio file on the CD.

Earlier CD copiers were manually operated. They required the user to open the shutter when one CD was copied and to load the other CD. Naturally, they were very slow, with speeds rarely going above 8x. Modern audio copiers are standalone or PC attached. Standalone audio CD copiers do not need a PC connection, and they have a hard disc of their own. They are actually a combination of several CD copiers, which can simultaneously copy CDs. They also have a robotic arm, which can load CDs as they are being copied. Hence, standalone CD copiers are also called as hands-free copiers. They can copy as many as 150 CDs in an hour.

Audio CD copiers are very useful for people who wish to distribute audio material through CDs. Music companies use such copiers to duplicate CDs. Depending on the quality of the CD copier, the duplicated CD may be almost as good as the original. Copying CDs is an economical method for producing bulk number of audio CDs.

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Yamaha YMC – 500bl NeoHD Audio Speaker Bundle – The Power to Control All Your Home Theater Devices

Yamaha is at it again. Harnessing the power of technology, Yamaha has created the YMC-500bl neoHD audio speaker bundle media controller, to allow home theater enthusiast to control each piece of their entertain systems from one central location.

As the center piece of your entertainment system the neoHD YMC-500bl is bound to increase your leisure time experience. With just one remote you can control and manage all your audio / visual components with an easy to use on-screen navigation system.

With the neoHD media controller you can control each audio and visual connected device such as a cable box, Blu-ray disc player, DVD disc player, HDTV, satellite box, game consoles, DVR and VCR all from this one device. You can even contol usb flash drives and ipods that contain music and photos.

Yamaha ymc-500 neoHD audio / visual media controller has the remarkable ability to virtually control any manufacturers audio and video devices. NeoHD delivers a powerful immersive surround sound experience from the built-in amplifiers used to drive your speaker system.

Not only does neoHD media controller offer advanced HD features such as HDMI digital audio / video connectivity but also provides Dolby True HD for High Definition surround sound audio decoding and much much more. Even though the neoHD offers tons of features it is highly intuitive and easy to use by any family member. Yes, you truly can use one remote control to create immersive sound and complete enjoyment.

Choose from simple interfaces like Watch, Listen, or Play to begin your entertainment experience.

All you need are the following to get started with you neoHD media controller:

HDTV, with hdmi connectivity, speakers with which you hold various options as neoHD is a comprehensive 5.1 surround sound system, thus a fine pair of main speakers with a power subwoofer will be enough. Nevertheless a 5.1 surround sound system is notable but every now and then it is not doable for the room where your home theater set up may be situated.

NeoHD system is effortless to set up no matter what home theater system you possess since it is equipped with Yamaha's Air Surround Xtreme sound processing. This advance in technology delivers admirable surround sound delight from only two speakers and a subwoofer. Throughout your surround setup, neoHD will establish how many speakers are setup and automatically configure the most optimized sound in favor of your speaker configuration.

Right at this moment, you have your pick of two neoHD media controllers, neoHD YMC-500, that includes remote IR control, the upper model, neohd YMC-700 provides WiFi for network associated streaming from Rhapsody online music, internet radio and iTunes.

You moreover have the choice to buy a well-rounded system, the neoHD system 2.1 YMC-S21, which is the YMC-500 version that comes with stereo speakers a subwoofer.

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What Are the Benefits of Multi-Room Audio Video Systems?

The term multi-room audio video simply means having audio and video sources available throughout the home – a whole house audio and video system.

Taking the sources you normally have in your lounge, like DVD player, CD Player and Radio Tuner, and placing them in a central location enables these sources to be distributed around the home. There are many different manufacturers who have ways of getting the audio and video signal to each room, they also allow you to control the source as if you were in the same room. Some systems distribute audio over Cat5e cabling, some do it wirelessly and some run speaker cable from the central location to each room. Our preferred method is to run speaker cable for the simple reason it is more economical to install one good multichannel amplifier in the central location than it is to install a good amplifier in each room, also you have less equipment to house in the room.

Once you have the audio feed in to the room you then need to control it – again different manufacturers have different methods for this – the cheaper systems will give you a pre-engraved keypad which allows you to go up and down channels and change the volume. In contrast the more expensive systems allow you to choose a channel and see two way feedback – you can see things like CD covers and pick your music intuitively and you have access to the full range of controls on Sky remote controls. Installing a music server makes a lot of sense when you are installing a whole house system, you don’t want to have to visit a remote cupboard when changing music and they also have the benefit of streaming multiple CD’s – different people can listen to different things in different rooms. The same systems are available for DVD’s, enabling anyone in the home to watch a film of their choice.

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Facts About Mp3 Player, Mp4 Player And Ipod

The invention of the MP3 player, with MP4 player and iPod following it, has revolutionized the music industry. These lightweight, reasonably priced, portable music gadgets are almost everywhere you look. Earlier they used to be the obsession of the geeks, nerds and the electronic enthusiasts but today these players are a must have consumer electronic item for almost everyone whether it is the stay at house mom, working business executive, fitness freak joggers, teenagers or even the bored granddad.

MP3 player has personalized music like never before. The MP3 craze has reached its peak with people wanting more and more features in their players. What they want is to download their complete collection of music in their player. You can download and store more than thousands of songs inexpensively into your device and listen to it whenever you want; whether at office or at home or tolerating a boring lecture or even struggling past a heavy traffic jam. A music player seems to be in every hand nowadays. These are wireless, portable, wonders of music and entertainment that can store, systematize and play music on demand.

The three main types of digital audio players are MP3 CD Players that can play both data CDs and audio CDs with MP3 format files, Flash-based Players that are solid state devices with internal media or memory cards type external media and Digital Jukeboxes like the apple iPod and Creative Zen which can read digital audio files from a hard drive. These types of players are the most advanced in technology and have high memory ranging from 1.5 GigaByte to 100 GigaByte.

There is a myth regarding MP3 and MP4 player as Mp4 being a successor of Mp3 player, but these two are different things. Fundamentally, Mp3 is a specific category of audio format while Mp4 is actually a container format. But an Mp4 player can also play Mp3 files besides MP4 format files with complete clarity just like the original player.

The iPod was introduced by Apple Inc. and was launched in October 2001. The varieties of iPod available today include video fifth generation iPod, the small iPod nano and the display free iPod shuffle. You can use Apple`s iTunes software to transfer music of your choice to the devices. An iPod supports and plays MP3, AAC, AIFF, Protected AAC, WAV and some other audio file formats. The Apple iPod also has some additional features like displaying text files, viewing contacts and synchronizing it with the host computer, gaming facilities like the Brick, solitaire, Parachute and Music Quiz. A lot of accessories have been made for the iPod such as sound recorders, wired remote control, FM radio tuners, and cables for enabling TV connections.

iPods have often been criticized due to their short life-span, delicate hard drives.There are also some health risks associated with frequent use of these players which can lead to loss in audio capacity and can also lead to absent mindedness.

All of these music players are portable and use either a semi-permanent rechargeable battery or conventional batteries that can be disposed or recharged. Some MP3 / MP4 players also have additional features like playing FM stations, games, microphone for voice recording, address storage book and etc.

The MP3 player have created a huge mass hysteria amongst some age groups leading to many companies joining the bandwagon to design and market different types of MP3, MP4 players and iPods. It has also given rise to an entirely new industry of downloading sites. This heavy competition has forced companies to find new and innovative use of these players like incorporating features like camera, mobile and etc.

This article is under GNU FDL license and can be distributed without any previous authorization from the author. However the author’s name and all the URLs (links) mentioned in the article and biography must be kept.

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The Perfect Guide for an Integrated Amplifier

Living in a world where there is just tension and worries in the minds of people, the one constant thing to lift them out from mental troubles is music. Music is something that is befitting in all sorts of situations. Want to get pumped up- music, feeling a little bluesy- music, missing someone- music; every human mood possible can be put into music to cheer a person up and to enjoy the same music, there are a lot of options present in the modern world- mobile devices, earphones, speakers, woofers and whatnot. But for the music geeks and buffs, even speakers and woofers mean nothing and for the very same people, sound and music systems such as amplifiers were born. However, amplifiers are synonymous with what guitarists and musicians use and hence, to remove the jargon, it is better to use the phrase ‘integrated amplifiers’.

But what is an integrated amplifier? Well, as the name suggests, it is a combination or a mixture of sorts of 2 or more things. But then again, a combination of what? Integrated amplifiers are made up of 2 components- a power amplifier which generates the ‘power’ required for the amp to function and a preamplifier that is responsible for reading the incoming music streams and also contains all the functionalities to control the various aspects of the output volume.

If you are out in the market for an integrated amplifier, make sure that you ensure that the following components are present in it:

Audio Inputs

Make sure that your wishlist amplifiers have all sorts of audio inputs for what good is an amplifier that is not compatible with all sorts of devices. Audio inputs in amplifiers can be broadly categorized into 2 types- analog and digital. Analog inputs are mostly used for carrying of audio and video signals and connecting high output impedance devices such as microphones. Common analog inputs include RCA audio inputs, balanced XLR points, etc. Apart from analog inputs, digital input points are also needed because music has been made digital in present times. The must-have digital inputs include Ethernet, USB-A, USB-B, Optical, Coaxial, etc.

Output points

Amplifiers contain a variety of output means for you to enjoy your music. You can choose the right point for you depending on what you are feeling like. Common audio output points include headphone jack (to keep your music to yourself), subwoofer output (to connect a sub to enhance bass), preamp out/main in (to use the amp and the preamplifier independently), A+B speaker connectors (to connect external speakers to it).


This goes without saying that if you have ample rack space, then go for a large amplifier, otherwise settle for something that fits your available space.

Power consumption

How much power your amplifier is drawing is the biggest factor you need to consider because the change in wattage ratings does not bring as much difference in the sound quality as you would hope. For example, a 200W amplifier would only throw 3-4dB of extra sound than that of a 100W amp; a hardly noticeable difference. So you need to decide how loud you need your services to be and then accordingly decide if the power consumption of your amplifier is worth it or not.

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Narrative Style In Mobile Learning Can Be An Effective Learning Tool

With the rise in popularity of mobile phones in our daily lives, it has also become an important platform for training and learning. Storytelling can be a powerful learning intervention – in classrooms as well as for corporates. It has a lasting impact and increases retention of information through stories.

There is scientific backing that storytelling actually changes brain chemistry, and if done in an effective way, can lead to strengthened relationships and acts of kindness. Can this powerful way of teaching and learning adopted for mobile learning delivery? To explore various options, we have to first consider that stories can be told in many different ways, not just in the traditional text-based narrative. Various forms of storytelling can be adopted and mixed to create a suitable mix – as per learner preferences and the learning objectives.

For learners who prefer visual learning, graphic novels or graphics-based stories can be created to make sure that textual content is less but the essence of the story is not lost. To keep things light and informal, a comic can be created that touches upon serious topics in a lighter vein. Maps, charts or statistics can be represented to create stories as well. Music and audio-visuals can also be bound together to create stories for learners who do not prefer to read. Instead of strictly following one route, the developer may opt for a mix of one or more to create maximum impact.

To create stories for the mobile platform, instead of a traditional approach, it is better to adopt routes more suited for the platform. Mobile devices have smaller screens compared to laptops or desktops computers. Therefore a text-based approach might not be impactful enough. Instead an approach with graphics or audio-visuals would be more suited to the m-learning platform:

  • Stories can be made part of mobile based games that present a quest for learners to follow, based on a set of missions.
  • Stories can be shared in the form of case studies with figures and findings highlighted for maximum impact
  • Video-based stories can also be very powerful in engaging mobile learners. Audio track can also run along these videos to give an option of just hearing, when the learner does not want to stare at the screen anymore.
  • Blogs can also build in stories and practical experiences that will interest learners of all kinds. Option of ‘subscribing’ into the blog can be made available which makes sure that learners get instant intimations as soon as new content is uploaded on the blog.
  • Video blogs can also be story-based and accessed on the mobile platform. Like textual blogs, learners can subscribe into them as well and get mails or text messages on their handheld devices as soon as new videos are up. This makes sure that learners are subtly pushed for learning from time to time till they are truly interested in learning videos and look forward to them.

Mobile learning strategies are many and storytelling is one that is very well suited to the uniqueness of the platform. By choosing the right way to go ahead, storytelling and mobile learning can be an effective combination.

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The Representation of Women at Electronic Music Festivals

As a female artist operating in this field of the music industry, I like to keep abreast of latest research. And a very interesting recent study shows how the land lies for women in the lucrative field of electronic music festivals. International support network and database Female Pressure consists of female DJs, Vjs, electronic musicians, sound artists, sound engineers, academics and other diverse professionals involved in the post club culture industry and vibrant scenes in most cities.

As a collective endeavor, active members of the Female Pressure network submitted statistics for festivals they were aware of. And then, collating all these findings, they produced a report and graphic representation clearly demonstrating their informal research using music faders and ven diagrams. Some countries fared better than others – the UK was not the best for gender representation with women making up ten per cent of the artists performing. And quite surprisingly perhaps, Germany did not fair much better despite the assumption that there are more female DJs and artists active especially in Berlin.

Overall, the study showed over eighty percent of festival artists were male and less than ten per cent were female – the rest were acts made of men and women. So what can be done about this? One solution put forward has been festivals representing only female artists. The aim of this would be to make a statement that there are many female artists out there that can entertain an audience. However there is an argument against this approach as this can still lead to separation and lack of integration in the male dominated rosters. There are wonderful examples of festivals and collectives that strive for a more representative and diverse offer of live and DJ acts – LEM festival in Barcelona was one of these though this sadly no longer exists.

Female Pressure have decided for this year to present an all female line up in Berlin to boldly highlight the quantity and quality of women working in the electronic music industry. Future festivals will however focus on aiming for a 50-50 male female ratio as increased female acts at electronic music festivals seems the most effective way forward. There are many interesting and most capable female live performers and DJs, one only has to use your favorite search engine to find this out. And more importantly audiences deserve a varied and reflective range of performances when they have invested in a ticket for an event.

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DVD Ripping and Mac – A Must For Music Lovers

The Mac DVD Ripper is a free DVD extractor that can extract commercial DVD movies to the hard drive of the personal computer. The user can then use different tools to burn the movie back to the DVD-R so as to use in DVD players. The movie can also be converted into different formats so as to playback it with a variety of devices. It provides backup for the DVDs that are legally purchased for personal use.

Its features
The Mac DVD Ripper features DVD audio as well as video Ripper for fast ripping of all popular video and audio formats. The videos can be ripped into different formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, 3GP, MPG, M4V, FLV, MPEG and audio to M4A, MP3, AC3, AAC.

With the help of this amazing DVD Mac ripping software one can play both video as well as audio files comfortably on portable players like iPhone, Apple TV, iPod, PSP, PS3, iRiver, Xbox 360, Creative Zen, PMP, Archos, Smart Phone , PDA, Pocket PC, cell phone, MP3 player, MP4 Player and audio players on Mac OS X. It supports editing of ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag and also helps in editing music info for each file before ripping DVD to MP3.


If one selects any audio track or subtitle on DVD then this software set the target subtitle position in the output picture. One can even convert and trim any chapter or title length on the DVD and convert it into favorite clips. It even converts the selected contents of DVD into one file. One can even click the pictures while viewing the movie by pressing the snapshot button. It's very easy to rip the DVD that can be completed just by a few clicks. One can rip the complete movie or a section of it and even the selected files get converted automatically one by one. By the help of this software one can get the movie in any formats that too with excellent quality.


One can also set advanced encoding settings for video like resolution, encoder, bit rate and frame rate. The output settings of audio include sample rate, encoder, and channel and bit rate. It is quite convenient to use due to its easy submenu and interface one can pause, stop and even continue the conversion of any file at anytime. This DVD Ripper for Mac crops the DVD video to remove black sides of the picture. By the help of this software one can convert DVD movie into any available language and even the setting of video brightness, contrast and saturation. The DVD Ripper for Mac has basic codec system that includes improved stability, optimized synch of both audio and video, upgraded conversion engine as well as conversion speed. The de-interlacing function is also optimized. The software has high conversion speed and can be further increased with improvement in the performance of computer.

Buying it

One can buy it from internet through different websites. There are different types of software that can be downloaded according to the settings of the computer like if the computer is window based with different versions then there will be different ripper. But with increasing craze for movies and music this software can help a lot the music lovers in segregating their favorite ones.

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Equalization Used in Audio Mastering

Equalization is a process used when mixing and mastering. The two are similar but also differ in how an engineer approaches using EQ in each situation. In mastering only the stereo mix is ​​usually available. While in a mixing situation all of the single tracks will be able to have EQ applied individually.

With only the stereo mix available for adjustment in mastering, there will be a tradeoff with balancing making the required adjustments without adversely affecting something that is undesired. Enhancing one aspect of the mix might negatively affect another. The engineer has to be careful with how the equalization is applied for the mix as a whole.

If a vocal is say not bright enough in the mix then the engineer might add some tip end to the mix. This could help the vocal stand out nicely but at the same time create a situation where the rest of the mix ends up too bright. The key would be to choose frequencies that enhance the vocal but leaves the rest of the mix unchanged as possible.

Another trick would be to use M / S mode which can separate the mono and stereo parts of the program material. Now for instance the vocal which is panned center can be affected without changing the frequency balance of the stereo parts of the mix. This allows for more precise control and less tradeoffs.

The main goal in general with equalization in mastering is to arrive at a nice tonal balance that is both pleasing and accurate across multiple playback systems. The mastering engineer will test playback on more than one set of speakers to see if the master translates.

The music should also be clearly heard on a variety of sound systems from iPods to radios and night clubs. Every monitoring system will have its own biases to the frequencies portrayed. So it is up to the mastering engineer to create a flat enough balance so that on average the mix sounds correct on all of these systems, when applicable.

There is also the issue of knowing each genre and bringing out the best of the music within the style of that genre. Dance or hiphop music needs more top and bottom frequencies to give it the excitement required for it to be effective. A rock track might need more mid range to accent the guitars and vocals.

Two main types of equalization exist, parametric and shelving. Parametric employs three controls, frequency, gain, and bandwidth. This can be helpful for surgical situations that require very precise changes. The next type is shelving which generally control the high or low end of the spectrum. They are usually gentler and can affect the overall tonal balance of the material.

This has been a basic look at how EQ is used in audio mastering. Although somewhat similar to how EQ is used in the mixing process these are the main areas where it differs.

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